The 10th edition of Fanzines ! Festival was the last one, for sure! But there are rumors that a new team is coming?

It's official! The Fanzines ? Festival launches its first edition! What is it? Exhibitions? Parties? Books? Yes! We will have the pleasure to honor the fanzine and its plurality! Art object? Object of protest? Space of play, experimentation or free expression? Made by hand or with the feet? On a domestic printer or in its mashed potato? Full of interrogations! In any case, what we know is that the show will take place in Paris at Non-Étoile from June 30 to July 02 and that the call for applications is closed! Find the names of the participants below.



Acédie 58, ADVERSE, Alerte à Malibutch, Amicale Freesquet, Anaïs & Clélia & Lou, Animal Press, Anto Metzger & Sophie Couderc, APO & Passe en Profondeur, Art Majeur, Atelier Téméraire, Betonite, Breakfast Club Press, Camille Deriaz, Club-Lab, Collectif à venir, Compote de Potes, Comtesse, DiscoveryMuch, Emsodaï, Estrela Decadente, Exposissimo, Éditions Biceps, Éditions La Fièvre, Éditions la Hyène, Éditions Matière, Gaspard Laurent & Chloé Vanderstraeten, GOGOGO!, H13, Honda & Cédérom, House of Rooms, Humour zone, Hyper Ghilde, Jack Tezam, Jonathan Castro,, La Caverne, Lagon Revue, Lazer Cão, Le Vau Charette, LeMégot éditions, Les Ciseaux Fanzines, Les Lilas, Les Nouveaux-Nez, L'ennui,
Mahaut Azéma & Aude Mocilnikar & Catalina Willis, Marie Glaize, Neumatofora, Next Revel, Nickel chrome, Non-Étoile, Nunuches, OOZIN' MAGAZINE, Pelle au Jardin, per(g)m ed, Phenicusa Press, Pia-Mélissa Laroche, Picopom, Polka Books, Raphaël Club & Château Minus, Remède Miracle, Riposte, Roxanne Maillet & Aëla Cabel & Jérémy Piningre & Caroline Chauvelot, Saehan Parc, Sayo Senoo, Selah, Shoboshobo & Joe l'indien, Studio Fidèle, Super-structure, Théo Arnaudet & Mathilde Paix & Vincent Burger, Traduttore, traditore, Très Très Bien éditions, Ventoline, Vide-Poches, Villa Belleville, Woman Cave Collective, X_X, Zitrance,

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